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May 15, 2016 · by Brittany Fox · in EXPLORE

The revving of the engines, the vibration of the ground and seat you’re sitting on, the smell of burning race fuel, the feel of dust particles hitting your skin and clothes – know that feeling? Dirt track fans will tell you there’s nothing else like it.

Ever since I can remember, my parents took me to dirt track races. There’s not a whole lot that gets me as excited as being at the track and hearing and feeling the powerful engines roar down the straightaways and then watching as the drivers throw their cars into the turns, slinging dirt onto the wall and through the catch fence.

Did you know that there are quite a few race tracks in the area – local and within a few hours’ drive? I’m going to shed some light on a few of my favorite dirt tracks for you to visit this race season with the opinions of some of the areas most talented drivers.


3. Skyline Speedway

Skyline Speedway is located in the middle of farm land in Guysville, Athens County, Ohio. The track was first opened in 1965 and has been a staple for racing in the area for over 51 years.

The red-clay oval is one of the few tracks in the area that run the 410 Sprints each week, along with the Super Late Models, Modifieds, and Mini Wedges. The track is also home/host to the sanctioned bodies of Billy Jarrell’s OVSCA (Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association) and the AMRA Modifieds and Super Late Models.

Skyline also prides themselves on having one of the lowest admission prices in the area. Adult admission tickets are $10, kids  12 and under are free with an adult.


Wayne County Speedway race on May 28th has been moved to June 4th.







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2015 OVSCA Awards Banquet Quick Info:

Date & Time: Saturday November 21st @ 7PM

Location: TopSpot Country Cookin'

Address: 7139 Sissonville Dr.

Sissonville, WV 25320

(About 1 mile off I-77 South in Sissonville,WV)

Dinner will begin at 7P.M with awards and drinks following. Top 10 in standings will receive cash prizes and other awards, although all are encouraged to attend. As with previous OVSCA awards banquets, there will be no charge for admission.

FINAL Top 10 in standings:

1. Kory Crabtree  1046

2. Ryan Broughton 1035

3. Ryan Myers     953

4. Dave Dickson   888

5. Nathan Skaggs  870

6. Josh Davis         752

7. Ron Blair            737

8. Todd Kane        713

9. Brandon Conkle 696

10. Nate Reeser    656


Please reach out to Billy Jarrell for questions regarding the banquet at (304)-542-8322

Atomic Speedway 9/19/2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

By Scott Wolfe

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO- In the sprint car main, Vandalia, Ohio's Jimmy Stinson claimed the win in the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association A-main over runner-up Crabtree. Stinson won the battle in the Eddie Slone 4x, but Crabtree won the season-long war. Andy Bond, Coolville, Ohio, subbing for Mark Lunning claimed an impressive win in the Precision Grading Modifieds, while Crace won the 15-lap Sport Mod main over runner-up Cottrill.
In the Pine Tree-Towing and Recovery Sprint Car main, Ronnie Blair burst out of the gate to lead the first eleven laps with Jimmy Stinson, Todd Kane, Kory Crabtree, and Ryan Broughton in tow.
All Crabtree had to do was finish 15 spots ahead of Broughton to claim the crown. When all was said and done, both drivers did what they had to do--land great finishes. Crabtree's 3rd place finish however, propelled him to the overall championship despite what would prove a great fourth place run by Broughton.
Stinson dove low on the twelfth circuit past a rim-riding Blair. Once on the point no one came close until the finish. Stinson had built up a comfortable lead, mainly as a result of an on-going side-by-side battle between Crabtree and Blair.
The last five laps proved to be go-time for Crabtree as he finally shook Blair and charged toward Stinson, who was bogged down in lapped traffic. Perhaps saving the day for Stinson was a wild flip by Beau Stewart at the flagstand as leaders Stinson and Crabtree came to the checkered. Stewart was o.k., but a green-checkered restart saw Stinson sail to victory in a plateau of clean air.
Rounding out the top ten were Jimmy Stinson, Ronnie Blair, Kory Crabtree, Ryan Broughton, Todd Kane, Ryan Myers, Nathan Skaggs, Brian Nuckles, Lance Webb, and Sam Ashworth.
"I had a great car tonight," said Stinson. "I give all the credit to these guys (crew/owners). The car would go anywhere I wanted. In closing I just want to dedicate this win to my two sons. They have been through a lot and this was for them."

410 Sprints (22)
Fast Time: Kirk Jeffries 13:859
Heat One-Jimmy Stinson, Sam Ashworth, Ryan Broughton, Jimmy Nier, Brian Nuckles, Mark Imler, R.J. Perkins, Kirk Jeffries
Heat Two-Todd Kane, Ryan Myers, Dave Dickson, Nathan Skaggs, Josh Davis, Brandon Conkle, Eric Martin
Heat Three-Ronnie Blair, Beau Stewart, Kory Crabtree, Lance Webb,Nate Reeser, Mark Coleman, Jesse McCreary

Feature: Jimmy Stinson, Ronnie Blair, Kory Crabtree, Ryan Broughton, Todd Kane, Ryan Myers, Nathan Skaggs, Brian Nuckles, Lance Webb, Sam Ashworth, Josh Davis, Dave Dickson, Nate Reeser, Mark Imler, Brandon Conkle, Jesse McCreary, Mark Coleman, Eric Martin, Kirk Jeffries, R.J. Perkins, Beau Stewart, Jimmy Nier

Quick Results: 9/5 Atomic Speedway: 

Pine Tree Towing and Recovery OVSCA Sprint Cars (25)
Fast Time: Cole Duncan 12.051
Heat One: Brandon Wimmer, Cole Duncan, Todd Kane, Kory Crabtree, Nathan Skaggs, Dave Dickson, Lance Webb, Kevin Shelbo, Hud Horton
Heat Two: Ron Blair, Bryan Nuckles, Mark Imler, Brandon Conkle, Nate Reeser, Rj Perkins, Kris Davis, Cale Thomas
Heat Three: Jim Neir, Ryan Myers, Ryan Broughton, Beau Stewart, Josh Davis, Eddie Slone, Mark Coleman, Kirk Jeffries
B Main: RJ Perkins, Mark Coleman, Dave Dickson, Lance Webb, Eddie Slone, Kirk Jeffries, Hud Horton, Kevin Shelbo, Kris Davis. DNS - Cale Thomas, Kirk Jeffries
A Main: Cole Duncan, Brandon Wimmer, Jim Neir, Ron Blair, Ryan Broughton, Nathan Skaggs, Todd Kane, Kory Crabtree, Bryan Nuckles, Ryan Myers, Lance Webb, Mark Imler, Dave Dickson, Beau Stewart, Nate Reeser, RJ Perkins, Eddie Slone, Brandon Conkle, Josh Davis, Mark Coleman

Blaney Posts 7th Straight At Atomic

By Scott Wolfe 
Atomic Speedway Results FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO- Hartford, Ohio's Dale Blaney captured the $2,500 410 Sprint Car paycheck and a berth in the Seneca Energy Freedom 40 on October 3 with what was his seventh consecutive win on the high banks of Atomic Speedway during Ohio Valley Veneer Night festivities. Cole Duncan was the runner-up and also secured a starting berth in the Freedom 40.

 Chillicothe's Danny Smith bolted to the front as a result of his front row start on the pole. Smith led several circuits before swapping positions with eventual winner Blaney. Blaney went on a ten lap Blitzkrieg and was checking out when lapped traffic slowed him momentarily, then it was back to full speed ahead. 
Smith had a solid second but as traffic stonewalled the outstanding driver's charge to the front, Jac "the Wild Child" Haudenschild and young Cale Thomas closed in. Beau Stewart, off a second place finish last weekend, looped his mount in front of the pack. Drivers fought to take evasive action with Haudenschild and Thomas shuffling sharply to the high-side where Thomas rode one of Haudenschild's wheels and spiraled end-for-end off the turn two banking.
The contact ended great runs for both drivers, but bumped Duncan up to third. As the race approached the five-lap marker, Duncan passed Smith, while Ryan Broughton won a race-long battle with Capp Henry for fourth.
Rounding out the top ten were Nathan Skaggs, Caleb Armstrong, Brandon Wimmer, Bryan Nuckles, and Caleb Griffith aboard Randy Fink's #41. Griffith's usual mount suffered engine woes in hot laps and Fink offered up his ride for the evening.
"I can't explain it," said Blaney. "We just love this place and have had the right set-up over the last several runs here. We drew the last pill, qualified last out of the gate and put ourselves behind the 8-ball, but we worked through it. I just really enjoy racing here."
Usually tabbed as the low rider, Blaney explained his rim-riding victory run. "Sometimes you have to run up high to win here. You do what you have to do. It's fast up there (next to the wall) and actually it's a lot of fun. I just want to thank my crew, my sponsors, George Fisher, and everyone that works so hard to get us here."


Pine Tree Towing and Recovery Sprint Cars
Fast Time: Cole Duncan 11:707
Heat One: Danny Smith, Cole Duncan, Caleb Armstrong, Caleb Griffith, Sam Ashworth, Jim Nier, Mark Coleman, R.J. Perkins.
Heat Two: Dale Blaney,Capp Henry, Dakota Jackson, Lance Webb, David Smith, Ron Blair, Todd Kane
Heat Three: Jac Haudenschild, Ryan Broughton, Beau Stewart, Ryan Myers, Dave Dickson, Jesse McCreary, Dean Kester
Heat Four: Cale Thomas, Nathan Skaggs, Brandon Wimmer, Bryan Nuckles, Mark Imler, Nate Reeser, Sean Hosey
B-Main: Sam Ashworth, Dave Smith, Dave Dickson, Ron Blair, Nate Reeser, Jim Nier, Mark Imler, R.J. Perkins, Jesse McCreary, Mark Coleman, Todd Kane, Dean Kester, Sean Hosey
Feature: Dale Blaney, Cole Duncan, Danny Smith, Ryan Broughton, Capp Henry, Nathan Skaggs, Caleb Armstrong, Brandon Wimmer, Bryan Nuckles, Caleb Griffith, Ryan Myers, Ronnie Blair, Dave Dickson, Lance Webb, Dave Smith, Nate Reeser, Dakota Jackson, Beau Stewart, Jac Haudenschild, Cale Thomas